About Triangle Kickboxing Promotions

Don Rodger | Triangle Kickboxing Promotions PromoterDon Rodger started Triangle Kickboxing Promotions in 2016 with the idea of re-introducing the sport of competitive Kickboxing and Muay Thai to the Raleigh-Durham area. Mr. Rodger is passionate about the sport and wanted to give his gym, and other local Kickboxing and Muay Thai gyms, a professional outlet for students and coaches to showcase their hard work and dedication to the sport of Kickboxing.

Prior to his first event in May 2016, it had been 13 years since there was a competitive Kickboxing promotion within the State of North Carolina.

In order to make his first event happen, Mr. Rodger worked with the North Carolina Boxing Authority (NCBA) to implement a set of rules and regulations for the event, as the NCBA didn't have anything in place because no one had promoted a Kickboxing event within the State in over a decade. Barrowing the rules and regulations for the State of Georgia's Boxing Commission, Don and the NCBA sketched out the set of rules and regulations that were used for the first Lightning Strikes Kickboxing event.

Since that time, Mr. Rodger continued to work with the NCBA and referees and judges from the North Carolina and other States along the East Coast, to refine the rule set currently in use within the State of NC.

The Lightning Strikes Kickboxing Series has helped expand the sport of Kickboxing within the State of North Carolina, as we see more promotions, gyms, and kickboxers getting involved in the sport.

We invite all Kickboxers, Muay Thai fighters and enthusiasts to join us as we continue to grow the sport of competitive kickboxing in North Carolina.

Our events are regulated by the North Carolina Boxing Commission and sanctioned by the International Kickboxing Federation (IKF).

If you are an amateur or professional kickboxer and want to participate in one of our events, please complete a Fight for Us form.

If you are a sponsor and would like more information about sponsorship programs, please contact us and become part of this rapidly growing Kickboxing/Muay Thai excitement. See you at the next event!