Fight For Us

If you believe you’ve got what it takes to be in the ring, send us your details! If you are selected for an event, we will contact you. Please be sure to read the Rules & Regulations, as well as the Competition Requirements, before submitting your information.

All competitors MUST HAVE current blood work and a dilated eye exam form on file with the North Carolina Boxing Authority (NCBA) in order to be considered for a bout. Required blood work includes HIV Panel, Hepatitis B Surface Antigens, and Hepatitis C Antibody.  If you do not have current information on file with the NCBA, you can go to to get your blood work completed. You can visit any eye care center, including Walmart or Target, to get the dilated eye exam but the exam must be submitted on the proper form. You can download that form HERE. If you don’t know if your information is current, please contact the NCBA at (919) 733-3925.

If you submit a Fight for Us form, please make sure your information is accurate and that you are reachable, and most importantly – make sure you fully intend to compete and that you have cleared it with your coach. We don’t want amateur fighters cutting weight to be on the card so please choose a weigh-class close to your walk-around weight.

For more information about the NCBA, please visit the North Carolina Boxing Authority website.